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Can you catch whiting at night?

Yes, you can catch whiting at night but the bite is never better at night than it is during the daytime. I have caught whiting (southern kingfish) at night but they are less inclined to bite your hook at night. It is probably because they are busy hiding from the night time predators like sharks.

Sharks really turn on at night and that is why I think that surf fishing is usually not very good after the sun goes down. If you want to go shark fishing, then do it at night. You will rarely get skunked in Florida waters.

I am a FISHING CHARTER CAPTAIN on the Treasure Coast of Florida. I have been fishing the beaches, mud flats, oyster bars and just about everywhere else in Florida for more than 40 years. I love to catch whiting.

When those schools come rolling through you can catch them two or three at a time if you have the right rigs. The bite can get real hot and heavy and then nothing as the school moves through your area.

Whiting are one of the most popular fish species sought after by surf casting fanatics. The reason is very simple. They are delicious. Most of them are less than a pound but the meat is amazing. It is a blast to catch them even though they are usually less than a pound. The good news is that they are often traveling with their good buddies the pompano so you often catch both species.

Watch the video below and learn how to catch more whiting.

Whiting are one of the best fish to catch when you are surf fishing because they are not the slightest bit finicky when it comes to eating. All that you need to do is go to your local bait shop and say that you want 5 pompano rigs, some 2 or 3 ounce weights and some frozen shrimp. If you get those things, then you are good to go for a fun day of catching whiting.

Some bait shops actually have whiting rigs. Those rigs have smaller hooks for the smaller mouths of the whitings versus the pompanos. If they have whiting rigs, get a few of those and a few pompano jigs. Sometimes the bigger hooks are a good thing because they stop the smaller fish from getting hooked.

If you are fishing for them at the higher parts of the tide, then you don’t even need to bring your big surf casting rod. You can just bring your 7 foot medium action type of rod and have a blast catching whiting with a loose drag.


Whiting can be caught at night but you will want to focus your efforts on the daylight hours. That is the best time to catch some delicious fish off of the beach. A lot of beaches in Florida have curfews and you will get a ticket for being on the beach at night. There are curfews on lots of beaches so check the rules where you are so that you don’t get in any trouble.

Daytime is definitely the easiest time to fish for whiting but don’t forget about the night time bite. It can be good too.

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