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Learn how to catch more fish off of the beach.

What do whiting eat?

Whiting are a bottom dwelling fish that can be caught off of the beach, around oyster bars and mud flats, around sand bars, around islands and lots of other places. All of those places are good areas for a whiting to sift through the sand and mud for its favorite foods.

Whiting like to eat small crabs, shrimp, sand fleas and small fish. They will also eat invertebrates like marine worms and clams. You can use any of those marine creatures to catch whiting and they are definitely worth catching.

They are a hard fighting little fish that are usually under a pound but some can get close to two pounds in weight. They are also one of the better tasting fish that you can catch off of the beach. When you catch them with light tackle they can be a blast to catch in the surf. During the higher parts of the tide they are often right at your feet. You can cast 15 feet from shore and catch a ton of them.

I am a FISHING CHARTER CAPTAIN on the Treasure Coast of Florida. I have been fishing the beaches, docks, grass flats and just about everywhere else in Florida for more than 40 years. In the article below I will give you some tips, trick and techniques to catch more whiting.

Let’s get started.

Watch the video below and learn how to give the whiting what they like to eat so that you can eat them.

What natural baits do whiting eat?

You want to give the whiting what they like to eat. The sand fleas and shrimp are your best bet if you are fishing for them with natural baits. Clam strips are another good bait and they stay on the hook better than the other natural baits. This helps keep the small fish that like to steal your baits from eating all of the whiting food that you bought or caught.

Just send those baits out on a pompano rig with a one to 3 ounce pyramid sinker and wait to reel in some delicious whiting. The last three hours of the outgoing tide and the first 3 hours of the incoming are often the best. This does not mean that they won’t feed all day with every part of the tide. I have caught them at dead high tide within 5 feet of the beach so you never know for sure when and where the whiting will want to eat.

What lures do whiting eat?

Whiting will eat any lure that looks or smells like the crustaceans, bivalves and small fish that they like to eat. That is why they like pink, orange and yellow jigs and other types of lures. Those are the colors of the natural prey items that they normally eat.

If you can get a lure that smells like what they eat and looks like what whiting eat then you double up your chances of catching some. One of my new favorite whiting foods is Fish Bites. If you have never heard of Fish Bites, they look like a 1/4 piece of gum that comes in a bag. The come in different colors like pink and orange and those are great whiting and pompano colors. They also come in shrimp, clam and sand flea flavors.

I just started using this stuff and it is very low maintenance. You don’t need a cooler or to deal with live or frozen baits. Just bring a pair of scissors and cut little 1/2 pieces of the stuff and put them on your pompano and whiting rigs. You will be good to go and start catching fish right away. The stuff is really great.

If you like to catch whitings, then give them what they want to eat. They are a lot of fun to catch. Give it a try.

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