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What is the advantage of fluorocarbon fishing line?

There are advantages and disadvantages to using fluorocarbon fishing line instead of mono filament fishing line. Fluorocarbon lines are newcomers to the fishing world. At least for the everyday casual fishermen. It used to be only the commercial fishing boats out at sea that had access to fluorocarbon fishing lines. Now you can get the stuff just about anywhere.

Fluorocarbon is made from a mix of elements like fluorine, carbon, chlorine and some man made petroleum based products. Mono filament lines are nylon just like in the clothes and other areas where it is used. Nylon is a man made, petroleum based substance similar to rayon, and polyester that are used in all kinds of items that we use every day.

I am a FISHING CHARTER CAPTAIN on the Treasure Coast of Florida. I have been fishing the beaches, mangroves, grass flats and just about everywhere else in Florida for more than 40 years.

In the article below, I will teach you the pros and cons of fluorocarbon fishing lines and mono filament fishing lines.

Let’s get started.

What are the main advantages of fluorocarbon fishing lines versus mono filament fishing lines?

Advantage #1: The first major advantage that fluorocarbon fishing lines have over mono filament is that they are nearly invisible in the water. The reason that they are harder for the fish to see is because the light rays can pass easily through this substance.

Okay. It is time for a physics 101 lesson about photons. You see things because light rays (photons) reflect off of something and are perceived by your eyes and brain. If the light rays pass right through something (think clean glass window) then you won’t be able to perceive it as well.

This is basically what happens with fluorocarbon fishing lines. They are more like a window and they match the refraction levels of the waters around it. It is not invisible but it is harder for the fish to perceive because less light bounces off of it back to the fish.

Mono filament lines are more visible because the light passing through them is distorted and that makes it easier for the fish to perceive in the water.

If you are fishing in crystal clear water, then a fluorocarbon leader is a good idea. When you are fishing in water that is not very clear, then mono filament fishing lines will perform just fine.

>>>Fluorocarbon fishing lines get a YES vote from me when fishing in super clear water.

Advantage #2: Fluorocarbon fishing lines are more dense than mono filament fishing lines. This means that they are more sensitive and you can feel a subtle bite better. This is really enhanced when you are already fishing with a braided fishing line.

Braided lines do not stretch which makes them more sensitive. When you couple a braided line with a fluorocarbon line you have extreme sensitivity and can feel the slightest nibble.

>>>Fluorocarbon fishing line gets a YES vote from me for catching fish when they are not committing with a hard bite.

Watch the video below and learn the best fishing knot for attaching fluorocarbon leaders to braided lines.

Advantage #3: Fluorocarbon has more densely packed molecules than mono filament lines. This makes them more abrasion resistant than mono filament lines. This is a great characteristic of fluorocarbon lines if you fish around dock and bridge pilings that have oysters and barnacles on them. Those creatures can cut and fray your lines very easily and fluorocarbon fishing lines hold up a lot better than mono filament fishing lines in that scenario.

>>> Fluorocarbon fishing lines get a YES vote from me for abrasion resistance around dock and bridge pilings.

What are the disadvantages of fluorocarbon fishing lines?

Disadvantage one: Fluorocarbon fishing lines do not float as well as mono filament fishing lines. They don’t float very well because their molecules are more tightly packed together than mono filament fishing lines. This is a problem if you like to fish with top water fishing lures. Mono filament fishing line is a much better choice for top water lure fishermen.

>>>Fluorocarbon fishing lines get a NO vote from me when using them as a leader for top water lures.

Disadvantage two: Fluorocarbon fishing lines are less supple and have more memory than mono filament fishing lines. This means that they do not cast as well as mono filament fishing lines. If you only use fluorocarbon lines as a leader, then this is not an issue but if you use it for a main line you will have problems.

>>>Fluorocarbon fishing lines get a NO vote from me as a main line.

Disadvantage three: Fluorocarbon fishing lines often fail during the knot tying process. They will snap if you forget to moisten them before tightening up your knots. This is not a big deal because that is more of a fisherman’s failure than the fishing line but it is worth mentioning.

>>>Fluorocarbon fishing lines get a NO vote from me for knot failures.

Disadvantage four: Fluorocarbon lines are a lot more expensive than most mono filament fishing lines. They can cost more than three times as much as a mono filament fishing line. That can get pricey if you go through a lot of leader material or use it as a main line. OUCH!

>>>Fluorocarbon fishing lines get a NO vote from me for affordability.


All in all the fluorocarbon line is a better choice for a leader material than mono filament fishing lines when the water is crystal clear and when you are fishing around structure of some kind. I choose mono filament lines for every other circumstance when I am fishing.

Fluorocarbon fishing lines and mono filament fishing lines both have their places in every fisherman’s tackle box. I hope that this article has cleared up any questions regarding the advantages and disadvantages of using fluorocarbon fishing lines.

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