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What is the best pompano fishing line?

Pompano have very good eyesight so getting the best fishing line for them is a priority for surf fishermen. The best fishing line for pompano depends upon what you are talking about.

Are you talking about the main line?

Are you talking about the shock leader?

Are you talking about the leader material attached to the hooks?

All of these different types of line are important and we will cover the best pompano fishing lines in a few different scenarios.

I am a FISHING CHARTER CAPTAIN on the Treasure Coast of Florida. I have been fishing the beaches, grass flats, oyster bars and just about everywhere else in Florida for more than 40 years. In the article below, I will teach you what I know about choosing the best fishing lines for catching pompano.

Let’s get started.

Watch the video below to learn the best pompano fishing techniques and tips.

What is the best pompano fishing line to use as your main line?

This is an argument that surf fishermen have had since braided lines first came onto the scene. The argument goes something like this, “Braided lines suck because they always get twisted and get more wind knots in them than mono filament lines do.”

The other fishermen says, “Maybe they get twisted every now and again but I can hold twice as much line on my spool and cast farther with braided line than mono filament lines.”

Those are the main two arguments that I have heard over the years. Braided lines and mono filament lines have their positives and negatives and I will cover them in detail. Braided line is great for packing on a ton of high strength fishing line onto your spool. If you are fishing for sharks, tarpon or any other large game fish in the surf, then braided line is a good choice.

You can’t physically put enough line on a reel with the same strength as an equivalent braided line and still cast it. It is physically impossible. If you are fishing for pompano and pompano only, then that is not one of your considerations for a fishing line.

If your main consideration will be casting distance. The braided line will win this contest every time. If casting distance is your main criteria for a fishing line, then you should get braided line for your surf rod.

The major drawback of braided fishing line is the cost. You will spend $100 or more filling up a large reel with braided line. Filling that same reel with mono filament line will cost you about $25. There is a big difference in cost between braided and mono filament fishing lines. That is something that you will have to consider when choosing which line to use for your main line.

My idea of a perfect pompano surf fishing reel is filled with 15 pound bright yellow mono filament fishing line. The bright yellow line makes it easy to see where your hooks are out in the surf.

The perfect reel is a 5500 long cast Penn Spinfisher VI. It features a taller spool than the normal 5500 series reels. They are kind of expensive and will run you about $200 but they are sealed and can take the extreme conditions of the beach.

I am ambivalent about the best surf fishing rods but you will need one from 10 to 15 feet long with medium/heavy action. Mine is a $75 ugly stick that is 10 feet long and it works just fine for me.

*I am not sponsored by Penn reels or whoever makes Ugly Sticks. Those are what I use and I like them.

What is the best pompano fishing line to use for a shock leader?

A shock leader is a length of fishing line that is tied in between your main line and your leader. Its function is to get your line some stretch if a large fish hits your bait while it is in your rod holder. It is also for adding some give to your line when you are casting heavy weights out into the surf.

When you are fishing in rough surf, strong currents, into a strong onshore wind or the sand bar is very far away you will need to use heavier weights. Once you get to a 3 ounce or larger weight size, then you might need to have a shock leader in between your main line and your leader. You will need about 10 pounds for every ounce so a 3 ounce sinker will require a 30 pound shock leader.

The best pompano fishing line to use as a shock leader is mono filament. Add 30 feet of 30 or 40 pound mono filament line as a shock leader and you will be glad that you did if you have to cast heavy sinkers because of the changing conditions on the beach.

Watch the video below to learn where to find pompano in the surf.

What is the best pompano fishing line to use for a leader?

Pompano are very sharp eyed marine creatures and they like those blue, green and turquoise colored waters the best. Sometimes a pompano will eat just about anything that you put in front of them. Other times they can be extremely picky and only the best presentation will get a bite.

Your choice of leader is very important in clean, clear water conditions. This is a scenario where the best choice of fishing line leader is hands down a fluorocarbon line. Fluorocarbon fishing lines refract light at nearly the same levels as the surrounding waters making them nearly invisible to most fish.

Mono filament lines distort more of the light rays which makes it easier to see in the water. Fluorocarbon fishing leaders are the best choice for pompano fishermen in clear water conditions. If the water is churned up, then a mono filament leader will work just fine.

I wrote another article on this website all about the best distances to cast off of the beach to find pompano. You can read that article by clicking right here.


The best fishing lines for pompano fishing are very important tools for surf fishing enthusiasts. There are pros and cons to every pompano fishing line so I hope that this article helps you get the best ones for your needs.

Pompano are pound for pound one of the best fighters in the sea. They are also one of the most delicious fish in the sea. These two characteristics are why they are so popular among surf casters from the Northeast to Florida around to Texas.

The combination between a braided main line and a clear mono filament or fluorocarbon leader material is going to be your best bet for a pompano fishing line. You will have to decide if a shock leader will be necessary or not but if you are casting heavy weights because of big surf or long casting needs, then you should try to use one.

I hope this article helps you catch more pompano off of the beach. Good luck.

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